Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Baby on Board!...and what we've been up to lately.

So I've been MIA since my last post in April. BUT I have a good reason! Jon and I are expecting our first child in October!! So needless to say we've been a little busy handling this new, exciting chapter in our lives! We found out on May 30th that our little one will be a boy :) He is looking healthy and I have been feeling pretty good the past few weeks so now it is time to get back to it! We have a lot of stuff we want to get done in preparation for his arrival near the end of October!
I had a garage sale in the hopes of selling off a large chunk of my vintage stuff to make room for baby and because I know I won't have as much time to devote to selling for awhile.

My mom and Jon helped me for several weeks ahead of time preparing everything and getting it set up nice. I advertised what I thought was a decent amount and really emphasized the fact that most of it was vintage. I thought for sure the garage sale would be a hit! .... Not so much, unfortunately.

I did ok on Friday. A decent amount of people come through. I was certain that Saturday would be 10 times better... but it wasn't. Barely had any customers. And the weather was really crappy. I was pretty disappointed. BUT that's the chance you take with yard sales I guess! The worst thing though, is packing away (again!) all the stuff you thought for sure you were going to sell. I did end up giving away a decent amount to a great local second hand shop whose profits all go to local families in need. I also ended up finding a local woman interested in buying my whole lot of vintage women's clothing...so not all was disappointing!

Jon and I will be leaving to go on our 'Babymoon' to Nashville in a week and we are really excited. Jon has been working hard on projects around the house (which I will share soon!) and deserves this little break before he has to start class again on the 24th.
I am hoping one of the next posts I'll share will be our front entrance makeover! We have painted and Jon has put down a new floor. And we are just about finished with turning the hall coat closet into a mini mudroom! I will also probably be sharing some of favorite Pinterest ideas for the babies nursery soon. Storing some of my favorite ideas here while we try to decide how to decorate :)

And now I will leave you with our first official photo as a family of '3' :)

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