Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Main Bathroom Makeover

The biggest and most time consuming project in the house was the bathroom renovation. It was a complete gutting and redo. That hadn't always been the plan when we first decided to put an offer in on the house but the more we thought about it the more we thought it might be best to knock this project out right away.
The picture below seems to be the only 'Before' photo that I took of the bathroom. It was in usable(ish) condition but outdated. There was no storage and some tiles in the shower were pretty lose.

We toyed around with the idea of hiring someone to do the job but we had faith that Jon was capable of handling it. So Jon got to work on it pretty quickly. Home improvements were a fairly new thing to him so I am so proud of him for sticking with it (things got very frustrating in several steps of the process) and doing such an amazing job! I won't be going in to a lot of detail about everything that was done mostly because I didn't do any of it ;) and it would be an extremely lengthy post.
The bathtub was really small, shallow (the old tub is shown below) and really dingy looking so he removed it. It was ceramic (with cast iron base??) so it was extremely heavy. He had to bust it apart with a sledge hammer to be able to get it out of the bathroom. The tile floor had to go to and that was a process chiseling that away. 

Jon ended up learning A LOT about plumbing, since it turned out that pipes and things needed to be moved around and replaced. I think that was probably the most frustrating and time consuming part. 

But alas! The room was finally gutted and the bathtub in place and plumbed correctly (this all took a LOT longer than we both expected.... A LOT LONGER...). Now Jon was ready to tackle tiling for the first time. He tiled the shower walls and the floor. Cutest handyman you've ever seen?? :)

And, as I said in the beginning I won't go into all the 'how-to's' of it all. I will just show you the beautiful, finished product!

Darn! I guess I completely missed that an outlet cover was still missing when I took these photos. We actually had to have an electrician come and put in an outlet in the bathroom (and a exhaust fan) because there was none. There aren't any in any of the bathrooms! How did a lady do her hair back in the day!? :)

We chose this 'open' bottom sink because, as you can see in the picture below, the air vent is sort of in an inconvenient place. I was a little worried about losing storage space when we first decided to go this route but it has worked out well and I love the way it looks.

Well, there you have it! One of the smallest rooms in the house and the one that required the most time and attention. I can't say enough how proud I am of my hubby for taking on this big project. He did an amazing job and we both love the result.  

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  1. Fantastic! Awesome that you were able to do it yourself, too!!