Monday, August 25, 2014

Nursery Decor Ideas

It certainly has been a very busy couple of months! Along with all the busyness that comes with expecting a baby, we have traveled to Nashville, Chicago and have been working on fixing more things up in the house. It's been a good couple of months!
Doing all that other stuff didn't leave much time for the nursery though. The nursery is already painted the color we want ...... but that's about it! But just because we haven't actually done much in there yet doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it an awful lot!
We do have a 'theme' (I have never really liked that term).... sort of. I always knew I didn't want too much going on in the nursery. No decals or major 'theme' overload. In the beginning when people asked me how we would decorate I just kept saying Animals. And then the next question would be, 'Well, what kind? Jungle? Forest? Farm?'    And I wouldn't really have an answer. Because the only real idea I had in my head was that I wanted to incorporate illustrations from my Little Golden Book collection in the room.
And then one day it hit me. DUH! Your 'theme' is Little Golden Books! So now we sound a little more put together when anyone asks!

So hear are some ideas I have been collecting over on Pinterest. Some inspiration for our little guy's room.

Love this fabric! But unfortunately I can't seem to find it on the interwebs ANYWHERE! :( Just pictures of it then the sad realization that it is sold out and/or no longer being made.

I plan on making a few banners and bunting like below. I'll use images from some of my favorite Golden Books and we plan to hang them over or near his crib. 

I couldn't ignore this room! The images are from some of my favorite books and I was having trouble finding any other Golden Book inspired nurseries! 
I just love the image below. The room is simple with great colors and is a room a kid can really grow into without having to make much change. 
Same with this room. I LOVE the banner and clouds above the crib but it is all so easy to change out when you and/or baby outgrow it! The color on the well looks a lot like the one we are using too!
And of COURSE we need some book shelves to hold all his new books and my Little Golden Book collection! I like these shelves because it sort of turns the books into art work themselves!
Now, of course Jon was on board with the Golden Book Nursery Idea. But, as with most guys I think, he was really ok with any idea I came up with just so long as it wasn't too girly :) But once Jon and I really started shopping around for baby items and registering, we noticed that there is a lot of cute Fox stuff out there right now. Jon seemed to really like a lot of it. I thought it was great that he seemed particularly interested in them so we decided to try and incorporate some foxes into the room as well. Which goes along pretty well with Golden Books because I have been able to find some cute fox illustrations in some of the books that we will definitely be using. I have also been trolling Etsy for some other Fox stuff... especially a mobile.

This crocheted Fox mobile is super cute
So is this felt one!
This Fox nightlight will be super helpful and cute!
And who could resist this adorable fox 

 SOOOO the official decor of the room will be Little Golden Book with a side of Fox. LOL. Sounds a little crazy but I know it will look super cute and I can't wait to share the finished room photos with you!! Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later! We're running low on time!!  ;)

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