Thursday, August 20, 2015

Repurposed Scaffolding Bench

I found this old scaffolding board at an estate sale a couple of months ago and knew I just had to have it. I loved its look and patina. And the price was certainly right. When I first saw it I immediately thought it would make a great looking bench for our front porch. 

This was a pretty easy first 'repurposing' project that Jon and I tackled together. We have obviously worked on other home projects together but this is the first project where I imagined something up for an 'old' object and he helped me make it happen.
 I am super happy with the finished product and I think Jon is a fan too... although when it comes to my estate sale and picking finds I can never really be too sure ;) 

At first I thought we might buy some MCM hairpin legs for it but with a little research I realized they were a little more money than I was hoping to spend. I have seen a lot of projects online and on Pinterest where they use pipes for home decor projects so I thought we might check that out. So we went to Home Depot and looked at the pipes and fittings. Turns out those aren't as inexpensive as I thought they might be either :)

But we ended up going with the pipes because we could obviously have them right away and also because we decided they might look better and make more sense with the scaffolding than the hairpin legs. Once we picked out the legs, the rest of the project was pretty easy! Jon just measured and spaced the legs out correctly and screwed them in.

So now the bench resides on our porch and I love the way it looks! I sort of wish it was a little bit taller but we didn't want to put any more money in to buying more pipes or fittings. The pipes have been oxidizing rather nicely so they look a bit older and are starting to match the metal on the scaffolding. 

It gave our front porch the little pick me up it needed! I'm not sure how often you might find old scaffolding while out and about but if you see some you should definitely pick it up! .... if not for yourself than for me ;) 


  1. The bench looks awesome!! What a cool way to transform that scaffolding.