Thursday, February 27, 2014

Entry Way Ideas

I am not sure why the entryway wasn't one of the first things we knocked out when we first moved in. It IS the first thing people see...and right now it isn't much to look at. 

As you can see from the photos, the flooring is old and outdated (and missing chunks around the stairs), the walls could use a fresh coat of paint, and the closet has no doors.

I would also love to get a new light fixture. And add some photos or art to the wall pictured above. 

Painting and new flooring are a fairly easy fix. But the biggest change we would like to make is to turn the closet into a mini mud room of sorts. Below are some photos I pinned on Pinterest of great closet/mudroom makeovers.  


                               Hollie's pin on Pinterest.

Jon and I have started to talk about this project and might make a trip to the home improvement store this weekend to take a look at some flooring, fixtures, etc...
Here's hoping this will be a finished project to share on the blog soon! 

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